The problem with dandelions:

A man who took great pride in his lawn found himself with a large crop of dandelions. He tried every method he knew to get rid of them.
Still they plagued him.
Finally he wrote to the Department of Agriculture. He enumerated all the things he had tried and closed his letter with the question ” What shall I do now?
In due course the reply came:
” We suggest you learn to love them.”
~Author Unknown

There! It will give you an idea of me. I am just like that infernal weed that no one likes, but I keep turning up! Tenacity was my mother’s word for me!
This blog is “Just for fun”

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wonderful. I love the artwork you chose for your blog.


  2. Hmm. Very interesting. Also, I love the painting above. Is it your own work of art?

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  3. You hardly seem like an infernal weed. Rather the opposite. 🙂

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