The Art of Reading



“If you read a lot of books, you’re considered well-read. But if you watch a lot TV, you’re not considered well-viewed.”~Lily Tomlin

A book  in my pocket has always been a steady companion. When times were stressful, all I had to do  was open a book and start to read, in that instant I was so involved with the characters of the story I would just let the world go away, and calm my myself and a peaceful me would take over.  Other times a book has been a vacation without leaving my home. There are thousand of ways to explain away my love of books. There were times I would let a book save me from becoming a hateful person or vengeful one. There have been many a time when it would have been justified. Yet, remembering a character in a book it showed me to behave better, because they did in the story.

There! I’m a hopeless  bibliophile. I moved once, I had a choice to take my books or my clothes, I took the books, left them in the trunk of my car until I found space for them.